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...who have finished MATH 210 (Calculus III) and...tutoring services are for AHS students. Academic Support...

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...History 4-5 AH 110 , AH 111 (8...or SPAN 204 , SPAN 210 (14 hours) Spanish...

AH 210. The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt. 3 hours.

Ancient Egypt from 6000 BC-400 AD. Architecture, sculpture and painting in their social and historical contexts. Course Information: Same as AAST 210, and ARST 210. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing. Creative Arts course, and Past course.

AHS 210. Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences. 3 hours.

Aspects of rehabilitation social sciences as they relate to the maximization of functional capacity in persons seeking rehabilitation services, and the interaction of persons with the surrounding environment. Includes visits to rehabilitation settings. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Approval of the Department. Priority will be given to students in the BS in Rehabilitation Sciences, but will be open to other students with approval.