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COMM 201. Statistics in Communication Research. 3 hours.

Processes of communication research as a social science; variables, hypotheses, and theories; conceptual and operational definition; sampling; research design; statistics; use of computers for research. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): COMM 101, COMM 102, COMM 103; and MATH 090 or MATH 118 or any other advanced math course with a minimum grade of C; or math placement above MATH 090 or MATH 118.

School of Public Health include COMM 201 , CLJ 262 , POLS 201 , PSCH 343 , and SOC 201 . Grade of...

BA with a Major in Communication

...category. b COMM 201 also fulfills the LAS Quantitative Reasoning require-ment. c COMM 301...

Minor in Communication may substitute for COMM 201 as a prerequisite to courses for the COMM electives.