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SPANĀ 210. Introduction to the Formal Analysis of Hispanic Texts. 3 hours.

Formal and content analysis of Hispanic essays, short stories and novels, poems, and plays. Application of basic literary concepts through the writing of critical and argumentative analysis. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in SPAN 202; and Credit or concurrent registration in SPAN 203 or Credit or concurrent registration in SPAN 204 and completion of the university writing requirement. Creative Arts course, and World Cultures course.

Academic Standing

...7 SPAN 103 , SPAN 104 , SPAN 202 , SPAN 203 or SPAN 204 , SPAN 210 (14...

BA in the Teaching of Spanish

...Requirements a SPAN 206 and SPAN 212 fulfill...ED 200 and ED 210 only after declaring...