Minor in African American Studies

Students from other disciplines who want to minor in African American Studies must complete 18 semester hours as outlined below.

Required Courses
AAST 100Introduction to African American Studies3
Select one of the following 100- or 200-level humanities courses:3
African Americans in Film, 1900 - Present: Images, Individuals and Ideas on Screen
Introduction to African American Literature, 1760-1910
Introduction to African American Literature Since 1910
African and Caribbean Francophone Literature in Translation
Techniques of African-American Creative Writing
Comparative Black Literatures
Reading Black Women Writing
Black Cultural Studies
African American Intellectual History
The Harlem Renaissance
Select one of the following 100- or 200-level social science courses:3
African American Politics and Culture
Race, Place, and Schooling: African Americans and Education
African American Religious Traditions
History of Race Relations in America
The Psychology of African Americans
African American Behavioral Patterns
The African American Family in the United States
Racial and Ethnic Groups
Precolonial Africa in World History
History of Modern Africa
Politics and Government of Africa
Black Freedom Movements in the U.S.
Race and Urban Life
African Americans and the Politics of Incarceration
Race, Gender, and Sexuality
AAST 247African American History to 18773
or AAST 248 African American History since 1877
Two additional African American Studies courses, one at the 300-level and one at the 400-level, chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.6
Total Hours18