Museum and Exhibition Studies (Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration)

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School of Art and Art History (MC 201)
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Students earning graduate degrees in the following participating programs may complement their courses by enrolling in a concentration in Museum and Exhibition Studies after consulting with their graduate advisor.

Graduate Program Level
Anthropology MA, PhD
Art History MA, PhD
Disability Access and Inclusion MS
Disability Studies PhD
History MA, PhD
Latin American and Latino Studies MA
Learning Sciences PhD
Science Education MEd

Students applying to this concentration must apply to the director of graduate studies in the Museum and Exhibition Studies Program, as well as obtain approval from a graduate faculty member from within the department of the degree—preferably one who is affiliated with Museum and Exhibition Studies. Either this person or another faculty member in the Museum and Exhibition Studies Program becomes the student's Interdisciplinary Concentration advisor.

Concentration Requirements

Students must take 16 semester hours.

Required Courses
Select two of the following Museum and Exhibition Studies Graduate Program courses:
Museum Collections
Exhibition Practices
Writing for Exhibitions
Public Engagement in Museums
Museum Genres, Practices, and Institutions
Supervised Internship in Museum and Exhibition Studies
Students will also take two museum and exhibition related 400- to 500-level courses in their home department or other department, chosen in consultation with advising faculty in those disciplines.