Dental Medicine (Professional Program: DMD)

The UIC College of Dentistry offers a program leading to the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. The UIC College of Dentistry curriculum, supported by innovative information technologies, provides an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning environment in which students achieve the competencies for 21st century oral healthcare in the context of patient management. The program spans four years and includes an extramural clinical experience in the fourth year. Admissions information can be found on the College of Dentistry website.

The College offers a two-and-a-half-year/seven-semester foreign trained dentist program for those who meet the criteria. Further information on the Doctor of Dental Medicine Advanced Degree Program can be found online.

Entering DMD and DMDAS students have the opportunity to pursue a summer (DMD) or fall (DMDAS) research program after acceptance and prior to the first year. A stipend is typically included where available. The school also boasts a Clinic and Research Day in the spring that provides the arena for the College of Dentistry community to share its research accomplishments. Additional guidelines and information can be found online.

A PhD/DMD seven-year track that provides a PhD in Oral Sciences is also available for those who are highly interested in research. Further information on the PhD/DMD program can be found online.

For more information on the DMD program and the application process, please visit the UIC College of Dentistry website.