Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Children IBHE-Approved Certificate (Professional Program)

Admission Requirements

  • Students are eligible to apply for the certificate program in the year before the fall of their specialization year. Applications will be made available through the JACSW student Listserv.

  • Students will be selected for the program based on a review of their original JACSW application materials, a written statement, their training program application, past experience, their interest in working in child and adolescent mental health, their fall semester field evaluation, and review of their transcripts, including fall semester grades. After an initial screening of applications, some students will be interviewed and references will be contacted, including the current field instructor.
  • Applicants are rated in each of these areas and decisions about admission are based on these areas and the fit of the applicant with available field placements in child mental health.

  • Applicants must plan to be enrolled in the MSW Mental Health Specialization for consideration in the certificate program.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum Required Hours 17
  • In addition to the Mental Health specialization coursework, students in the certificate program have a field placement in one of several specially selected mental health agencies committed to using evidence-based practice to treat children with mental health issues. Along with their agency-based field supervisors these students also participate in a series of specialized integrative seminars.
Fall Semester
Practice III: Mental Health
Policy II: Mental Health Policy
Mental Health Issues with Children and Adolescents a
Field Instruction III
Spring Semester
Practice IV: Mental Health
SOCW Research II Elective
SOCW Elective a
Field Instruction IV

A minimum of six hours of electives is required; students are free to take more with advisor approval. SOCW 539 fulfills one of the required elective courses and is required for students in the certificate program. Students may also—with advisor approval—take independent studies and non-social work courses at UIC (provided they are graduate level and approved by an advisor as relevant to social work). Such classes may also count toward MSW elective credit.