UIC John Marshall Law School

The UIC John Marshall Law School offers three types of professional degrees: Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), and Master of Jurisprudence (MJ).

  • Most of the LLM programs and most concentrations for the MJ program can be completed online.
  • Students may complete any of the degree programs on a part-time or full-time basis and may begin their studies in the fall or the spring semester. Full-time students generally complete the JD program in three years, whereas part-time students who take 10–11 hours each semester can complete the JD program in approximately four years.
  • Joint degree (JD/LLM) offerings are available in each of the seven LLM program specialty areas.
  • The Law School’s degree programs are considered professional programs and are not administered by the Graduate College. The Law School website provides additional information on the Law School’s degree programs, admission requirements, and the application process.

JD Program

The JD program requires completion of 90 hours: 53 required core hours, including 3 hours of clinical or externship course work, and 37 elective hours. JD students may earn an optional JD concentration in one of four areas:

  1. Intellectual Property Law
  2. International Human Rights
  3. Sustainability
  4. Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

LLM Programs

LLM programs are offered in seven specialty areas of law: 

  1. Employee Benefits
  2. Estate Planning
  3. Intellectual Property Law
  4. International Business and Trade Law
  5. Privacy and Technology Law
  6. Real Estate Law
  7. Tax Law

Each LLM program requires completion of 30 hours. The number of required versus elective course credits varies depending on the program, ranging between 8–15 required hours. Admission to an LLM program requires a JD degree or equivalent foreign degree.

MJ Program

The MJ program requires completion of 30 hours. Students in the MJ program will select a concentration in one of the seven specialty areas of law in which the Law School has an LLM program. The number of required versus elective course hours varies depending on the concentration, ranging between 9–19 required hours. In contrast with the LLM program, the MJ program does not require a JD or equivalent foreign degree for admission.