Survey Research Methodology (Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration)

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Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics
400 S. Peoria
2100 AEH (MC278)
Chicago, IL 60607
Attn: Allyson Holbrook

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Campus Location: Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics 
(312) 996-0471 

Director: Allyson Holbrook

The Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Survey Research Methodology (GCSRM) is available at both the master’s and doctoral levels, in conjunction with several participating units. The primary goal of the interdisciplinary graduate curriculum in survey research methodology is to provide graduate students with the opportunity for systematic, integrated study of issues relevant to the conduct of professional survey research. Graduate students electing the concentration receive the master's or PhD after having fulfilled the requirements of the Graduate College, their major academic units, and the Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Survey Research Methodology. Students in the following graduate programs may be eligible to participate in the Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Survey Research Methodology:

Graduate Program Level
Communication MA, PhD
Criminology, Law, and Justice MA, PhD
Educational Psychology PhD
Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment MEd
Nursing PhD
Nursing Practice DNP
Pharmacy MS, PhD
Political Science MA, PhD
Public Administration MPA, PhD
Rehabilitation Sciences and Healthspan Promotion MS
Social Work PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Urban Planning and Policy MUPP, PhD
Youth Development MEd

Note: Other academic units may have become participants since the publication of this catalog. Students in academic units not listed above should contact the GCSRM director for current information.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants are considered on an individual basis. Applicants must be admitted or enrolled as regular graduate students in one of the participating academic units. Application forms can be obtained from the GCSRM website. Admission to the concentration must be made before the term in which the student will obtain the degree.

Degree Requirements

  • Fulfillment of all academic unit requirements.
  • In the case of doctoral students who have opted to use the concentration as a minor or collateral area, the student must include a member of the Survey Research Methodology Graduate Faculty as a voting member of his/her doctoral preliminary examination committee.
  • Minimum Semester Hours Required A minimum of 14 semester hours of course work, of which at least 7 must be from among the core courses in the concentration. If a student elects to complete both BSTT 507 and STAT 431, only one of those courses may be counted toward fulfilling the core course requirement.
    Core Courses
    A minimum of 14 semester hours of course work. Select at least 7 semester hours from the following:
    Survey Planning and Design
    Survey Questionnaire Design
    Sampling and Estimation Methods Applied to Public Health
    Applied Survey Sampling and Analysis
    Practicum in Survey Methodology
    Introduction to Survey Sampling
  • The remaining hours must come from survey research methodology elective courses, independent study decided in consultation with the advisor, or alternative courses approved by the advisor and the director(s). Doctoral students may not apply dissertation supervision credits toward the survey research methodology electives.