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COMM 301. Communication Research. 3 hours.

Designs and measurements for conducting empirical analyses of communication activities in both laboratory and business settings. Course Information: Some sections may be offered fully online or in a blended-online and classroom course setting. Consult the Schedule of Classes for the mode of instruction. Use of computer and internet access is required for all online and blended sections. A high speed connection, while not required, is strongly suggested. Prerequisite(s): COMM 101 and COMM 102 and COMM 103; and Credit or concurrent registration in COMM 200. Open only to juniors and seniors and quantitative reasoning requirement met.

BA with a Major in Communication

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...complete COMM 101 , COMM 102 , and COMM 103 before they can register in COMM 301...

BS in Data Science with Social Technology Studies Concentration

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...Requirements Free Electives a COMM 301 is a prerequisite for COMM 425 . Data Science majors...

College of Business Administration

Undergraduate Catalog this category. b COMM 100 satisfies the...were admitted, including FIN 301 and FIN 302...