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JD 410. Admiralty Law. 2 hours.

Examines general principles of admiralty and maritime law, including admiralty jurisdiction, carriage of goods, bills of lading, the Jones Act and salvage law. Course Information: Same as IBT 410. Previously listed as JD 712/IBT 712. Prerequisite(s): JD 401, and JD 405, and JD 406, and JD 407, and JD 411, and JD 414, and JD 415, and JD 416; and LAW 402 or LAW 403 or LAW 404; and LAW 412 or LAW 413.

LAW 410. JD International Visit. 1-4 hours.

Law school courses satisfactorily completed at other universities or colleges located outside of the United States with advance approval from UIC. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. May be repeated with approval. Previously listed as JD 900. Applies to law school courses law students have received advance approval to complete at a university or college located outside the United States.