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IP 541. Biotechnology Patent Law. 3 hours.

Examines prosecution and enforcement of biotechnology patents, agreements related to biotechnology inventions and patents in relationship to biotechnology product strategies. Course Information: Previously listed as IP 464. Prerequisite(s): JD 432 or IP 432.

LAW 541. Sales Transactions. 3 hours.

Provides an introduction to Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code with an emphasis on counseling business clients and statutory interpretation. Course Information: Previously listed as JD 245. Prerequisite(s): JD 401, and JD 405, and JD 406, and JD 407, and JD 411, and JD 414, and JD 415, and JD 416, and LAW 402 or LAW 403 or LAW 404, and LAW 412 or LAW 413.