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LAW 570. Federal Criminal Law. 3 hours.

Covers federal substantive criminal law, including organized crime, wire, mail, and bank fraud; white-collar crime; RICO; drug offenses; tax offenses; and political corruption. Course Information: Previously listed as JD 219. Prerequisite(s): JD 401, and JD 405, and JD 406, and JD 407, and JD 411, and JD 414, and JD 415, and JD 416; and LAW 402 or LAW 403 or LAW 404; and LAW 412 or LAW 413.

CLJ 570. Advanced Methods in Criminology, Law, and Justice. 4 hours.

Methodological problems in criminology, law, and justice measurement including the identification problem in estimating deterrance and the limitations of survival analysis in estimating recidivism. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): CLJ 560 and CRJ 561 or the equivalent.