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NURS 312. Nursing Research and Statistical Methods for EBP. 3 hours.

Basic concepts of research utilization and critique emphasizing relationship between research and evidence based nursing practice. Includes study of basic statistical measures, vocabulary, data analysis, and hypothesis testing.

College of Nursing

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Contact Information:  Campus Location: 118 College of Nursing (NURS)  (312) 996-7800


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Contact Information:  Campus Location: 507 NURS  (312) 996-7800

MS in Nursing

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...all of the following: NURS 212 , NURS 232 , NURS 312 , and NURS 352 . Grade Point...

Nursing Practice (Professional Program: DNP)

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...60612-3727 Contact Information: Campus Location: 507 NURS (312) 996-7800 www...