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PUBH 330. Health Equity and Health Disparities. 3 hours.

How and why national and local health disparities in the U.S. occur and for what racial and ethnic groups they are most severe. Course Information: No credit given if the student has credit in SOC 426. Students who completed a version of SOC 426 with a topic other than health disparities may receive credit with permission of the instructor. Prerequisite(s): Admission to the BA in Public Health program or consent of the instructor.

BA in Public Policy

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...take PUBH 100 , PUBH 110 , and PUBH 120 as prerequisites for PUBH 310 , PUBH 330...

BS with a Major in Integrated Health Studies—Concentration in Behavioral Health

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...KN 251 , KN 253 , PUBH 100 . d Humanities...are: AHS 304 , AHS 330 , AHS 393 , AHS...