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RE 440. Real Estate: Commercial Transactions. 2 hours.

Covers legal, accounting, and business issues relating to acquisition and ownership of commercial real estate. Course Information: Same as JD 440. Previously listed as JD 602/RE 602. Prerequisite(s): JD 401 and JD 405 and JD 406 and JD 407 and JD 411 and JD 414 and JD 415 and JD 416; and LAW 402 or LAW 403 or LAW 404; and LAW 412 or LAW 413; and JD 439 or RE 439.

RES 440. International Real Estate Markets. 3 hours.

Survey and analysis of issues related to international real estate markets, with an emphasis on North American and Asia. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): ECON 120 and ECON 121; and FIN 300.