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SOC 251. Health and Medicine. 3 hours.

Health care systems; special emphasis on United States; dimensions of wellness and sickness including mental health; health providers, organizations, and institutions and their relations. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): SOC 100 or SOC 105; or consent of the instructor. Individual and Society course, and US Society course.

BS with a Major in Integrated Health Studies—Concentration in Behavioral Health

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...201 , PSCH 242 , PSCH 320 , PSCH 415 , SOC 251 , in addition to courses listed under...

Preprofessional Studies

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...Education category. c KN 251 / KN 252 sequence...majors. Other options include SOC 201 (for sociology...


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...general chemistry d KN 251 / KN 252 sequence...U.S. Society requirement, SOC 100 is recommended...