Minor in Finance

Requirements for the Minor

Required Courses
FIN 301Introduction to Managerial Finance a3
FIN 302Introduction to Investments a3
FIN 310Investments b3
FIN 320Managerial Finance b3
Three hours from any of the 400-level finance courses that fulfill the requirements for the Finance major3
Total Hours15

For those enrolled in the Minor in Finance before Fall 2013, FIN 300 and one 400-level elective may be substituted for FIN 301 and FIN 302.


The prerequisites for this course are FIN 301 and FIN 302 (or FIN 300 for those students enrolled in the Minor in Finance before Fall 2013).

A 2.50/4.00 grade point average is required for all work completed for the minor.

Enrollment Residence Requirement in the Minor

A student must complete at least three-fifths of the course work required for the minor field in residence at the University of Illinois at Chicago.