Minor in Information Technology

The explosive growth of the World Wide Web and its universal acceptance by society has changed the computing landscape forever. Today, the typical computer user neither knows nor needs to know very much about how a computer works in order to use it. They need to have appropriate systems in place. Those systems must work properly, be secure, and be upgraded, maintained, and replaced as appropriate. What these users need, however, is a professional who can help them access new technologies effectively and appropriately. The Information Technologist is that professional. People throughout an organization require support from Information Technology staff who understand computer systems and their software, and are committed to solving computer-related problems they might have. From webmasters to network and system administrators, information technologists are the key agents in the societal revolution that is changing us from an industrial society to a digital/information society.

For the minor, 12 semester hours are required, excluding prerequisite courses. Students who wish to minor in Information Technology (IT) must complete the following:

Prerequisite Courses
MATH 121Precalculus Mathematics5
Select one of the following:3-4
Java Programming for Information Technology
Introduction to Computing and Programming
Program Design II
Total Hours8-9
Required Courses
IT 201Introduction to Computer Configuration and Operating System Software3
IT 202Web and Multimedia Technology3
IT 301Networks and Distributed Computing Technology3
IT 302Database Administration and Installation3
Total Hours12