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Academic Standing

Undergraduate Catalog

...History 3-5 AH 110 , AH 111 (8...hours) Chemistry 3 CHEM 100 (5 hours) 4...

College of Applied Health Sciences

Undergraduate Catalog include AHS 100 , AHS 101 , HIM 101 , HN 100 , and KN 100 . Other Requirements...

BA in Art History

Undergraduate Catalog

...a Broad Surveys courses ( AH 100 , AH 101 , AH 110 , AH 111 ), courses that satisfy...

Minor in Art History

Undergraduate Catalog

...AH elective, excluding AH 100 . Requirements for the Minor Except for AH 110 and AH...

Clinical Exercise Physiology (Professional Program: DCEP)

Graduate Catalog

...Health Sciences Building had at least 100 hours of experience...

Physical Therapy (Professional Program: DPT)

Graduate Catalog

...Applied Health Sciences Building Potomac Ave., Suite 100 Alexandria, Virginia 22305...

AH 100. Introduction to Art and Art History. 3 hours.

Forms, meanings, and purposes of art. Discussion of techniques, styles and content as well as historical and social contexts, in various media and cultures. Creative Arts course.

AHS 100. Applied Health Sciences Seminar I. 1 hour.

Introduces students to resources at UIC. Emphasizes academic skill building, professional development, major/career exploration, health and wellness, social justice, diversity and inclusion and community engagement. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Course meets for full 16 weeks of the semester.