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...History 3-5 AH 110 , AH 111 (8...101 (4 hours) Standard Level 5 ARAB 101...

College of Applied Health Sciences

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...First-year seminar courses include AHS 100 , AHS 101 , HIM 101 , HN 100 , and KN...

BA in Art History

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...a Broad Surveys courses ( AH 100 , AH 101 , AH 110 , AH 111 ), courses that satisfy...

BS with a Major in Integrated Health Studies—Concentration in Behavioral Health

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...are: AHS 304 , AHS 330 , AHS 393 , AHS...following: ANTH 216 , DHD 101 , PHIL 116 , PSCH...

Preprofessional Studies

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...the AHS College. Preprofessional students in AHS can...KN majors) and STAT 101 and STAT 130...

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...Center 209 Addams Hall (AH) (312) 996-9549...Resource and Cultural Center 101 Taft Hall (TH...

AH 101. The Naked and the Nude: Studies in Visual Literacy. 3 hours.

Diverse social and psychological aspects of nakedness, nudity and related forms of bodily vulnerability studied through a wide-ranging history of art. Team-taught by the entire Art History faculty. Rigorous training in visual literacy. Museum visit. Course Information: Field trips required at a nominal fee. Class Schedule Information: To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Lecture and one Discussion. Individual and Society course.

AHS 101. Rehabilitation Sciences Student Success Seminar. 1 hour.

This introductory seminar is designed to provide participants the opportunity to explore, practice, and reflect on the overall building blocks for success as a college student in the Rehabilitation Sciences program at UIC. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Priority will be given to students in the BS in Rehabilitation Sciences.