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CLJ 101. Introduction to Criminology, Law, and Justice. 3 hours.

Introduction to key components of the justice system (including police, courts, and corrections) and contemporary trends in crime and delinquency. Critiques of the effectiveness and fairness of the system and emerging ideas for advancing justice. Class Schedule Information: To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Lecture-Discussion and one Discussion. US Society course.

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...5-7 HIST 101 (3 hours) Human Rights Standard Level 4-7 CLJ 110 (3...

School of Public Health

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...STAT 101 , or STAT 130 . STAT 101 include COMM 201 , CLJ 262 , POLS 201...

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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...Public Law concentration only, CLJ course not allowed...may enroll in HON 101 . Students may opt...