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ENGLĀ 161. Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research. 3 hours.

Students learn about academic inquiry and complete several writing projects including a documented research paper. Topics vary by section. Course Information: Extensive computer use required. This class may be taught in an online format. When that is the case, internet access will be required. A high-speed connection is strongly suggested. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 160 or the equivalent. All students take the Writing Placement test except for those with test-based exemptions noted here. If students place into ENGL 060, ENGL 070, ENGL 071, and ENGL 160, the student must take the course (or courses) prior to enrolling in ENGL 161. Students with an ACT English subscore of 27 or higher, SAT Evidence-Based Critical Reading score of 630 or higher, AP English Language & Composition score of 3 or higher, or IB English Language A: Language & Literature score of 6 or higher, receive credit for ENGL 160 and permission to enroll in ENGL 161. Class Schedule Information: Students may register for any section. Course descriptions for composition courses are available at the First-Year Writing Program website: