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MATH 104. Mathematical Reasoning Workshop. 1 hour.

A refresher of the algebra used in Math 105. A more detailed reminder of algebraic techniques will be given in a student-centered environment with personalized homework and worksheets to address individual needs. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Previously listed as MATH 077. Credit is not given for MATH 104 if the student has credit in MATH 077. Requires concurrent registration in MATH 105.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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...enrollment in MATH 180 . Placement in MATH 180...has placed into the 104 or higher level...

Academic Standing

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...A, B MATH 180 , MATH 181 , MATH 215...SPAN 104 (4 hours) 5 SPAN 104 , SPAN...

College of Engineering

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...College of Engineering is MATH 180 for students...has placed into the 104 or higher level...