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ME 312. Dynamic Systems and Control. 3 hours.

Dynamics of linear systems. Modeling of mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal systems. Analysis and design of feedback control systems. Analytical, computer and experimental solution methods. Time and frequency domain techniques. Course Information: Same as IE 312. Prerequisite(s): CS 109 and ECE 210 and MATH 220; and sophomore standing or above; or approval of the department.

Mechanical Engineering

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Mailing Address:  Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MC 251) 842 West Taylor Street  Chicago, IL 60607-7022 Contact Information:  Campus Location: 2039 ERF  (312) 996-6122   Administration:  Head of the Department: Houshang Darabi Director of Graduate Studies: Hamed Hatami-Marbini Program Codes:   20FS0133MS (MS)  20FS0133PHD (PhD)