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...3-5 POLS 130 (3 hours) Government & Politics: U.S. 3-5 POLS 101 (3...

School of Public Health

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...STAT 130 . STAT 101 or STAT 130 is...COMM 201 , CLJ 262 , POLS 201 , PSCH 343...

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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...level UIC courses; KN 130 , KN 136 , KN...Social Context concentrations only, POLS courses not allowed...

POLĀ 130. Masterworks of Polish Literature in Translation. 3 hours.

The most important works of Poland's greatest writers in the areas of poetry, drama, and prose. Course Information: Taught in English. Creative Arts course, and World Cultures course.

POLSĀ 130. Introduction to Comparative Politics. 3 hours.

Comparative study of political institutions, political culture, and political processes in selected major countries of the world. Course Information: Same as INST 130. Class Schedule Information: To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Discussion/Recitation and one Lecture-Discussion. Individual and Society course.