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USĀ 140. Introduction to Urban Transportation. 3 hours.

Examines how different layers of transportation systems are planned, operated and managed; effect of time and spatial scales; how systems address mobility and access; long term impacts of policy; effect of transportation technology on urban form. Course Information: Field work required. Individual and Society course.

Academic Standing

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...standing The university may use class standing to...Design 3-5 ART 140 (4 hours) Studio...

College of Education

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...students must complete MATH 140 and MATH 141...intent to graduate online using my.UIC . The...

BA with a Major in Communication

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...these courses may be used to satisfy two...COMM 105 , and COMM 140 do not count...

PhD in Computer Science

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...with a minimum of 140+ GREV). All from a non-US institutions, may apply...

BA in Human Development and Learning

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...105 , MATH 121 , MATH 140 a , MATH approved for the US Society General Education...