MS in Finance/MS in Management Information Systems

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admissions criteria of both programs and are admitted separately to each through separate applications.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, students must meet the following program requirements:

  • Minimum Semester Hours Required 56.
  • Coursework Depending on their background, students may be required to take additional technical, business, and other background courses as part of the degrees' requirements.a
Required Courses—MS in Finance (12 hours)
Corporate Finance
Quantitative Methods in Finance
Required Courses and Capstone—MS in Management Information Systems (20 hours)
Enterprise Application Development
Enterprise Information Infrastructure Planning & Security
Advanced Database Management
IS Management (Select one of the following):
Information Systems Strategy and Policy
Project Management
and Vendor Management
Global Innovation Management
Capstone Project Experience (Select one of the following):
Advanced Systems Analysis and Design Project
E-Commerce Project
Independent Study in Information and Decision Sciences
Electives—MS in Finance (12 hours)
Select at least 12 hours from the following finance electives. Other finance electives may be taken with the advice and approval of the director of graduate studies.
Portfolio Analysis
Theory and Structure of Options and Futures Markets
Money and Banking
Capital Markets
International Finance
Financial Decision Making I
Empirical Issues in Finance
Special Topics in Finance
Independent Study in Finance
Electives—MS in Management Information Systems (12 hours)
Eight hours can be shared electives as suggested below. Courses must be chosen with the approval of the director of graduate studies. Courses from other departments and colleges may be taken as electives with approval. These courses may be chosen to fit career tracks in IS consulting, auditing and forensics, corporate IT management, supply chain and service operations, enterprise applications, or IS operations.
Shared Electives (8 hours)
Preapproved suggestions for 8 hours of shared electives across two degrees are listed below. Students must work with the directors of graduate studies of both programs to identify other appropriate courses.
Information Systems Project & Program Management
Information Systems Strategy and Policy
Advanced Database Management
Audit and Control of Information Systems
Analytics for Big Data
Data Mining for Business
Risk Management

Prerequisites for the MS in Finance are ACTG 500, FIN 500, IDS 570, and ECON 520

Prerequisites for the MS in Management Information Systems include: