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...POL 201 (11 hours) Higher Level 6-7 POL 103 , POL 104 , POL 201 , POL...

Minor in Polish Studies

Undergraduate Catalog

...out of POL 104 should register for POL 201 , POL 202 , or POL 203 , and...

School of Public Health

Undergraduate Catalog include COMM 201 , CLJ 262 , POLS 201 , PSCH 343 , and SOC 201 . Grade of...

POL 201. Advanced Polish through Media and Film. 3 hours.

Development of advanced language skills: writing, reading, listening comprehension, and speaking. Exploration and analysis of Polish media sources (television, films, music), and links between topics and their medium of representation. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): POL 104; or appropriate score on the department placement test.

POLS 201. Political Data Analysis. 3 hours.

Introduction to basic elements of statistics and data analysis for political science. Includes descriptive and inferential statistics; introduction to UIC computer facility and statistics software. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): MATH 090; or MATH 105; or consent of the instructor.