Minor in Polish Studies

Students from other disciplines who want to minor in Polish Studies must complete 12 semester hours, including:

Required Courses
CEES 224Introduction to Literary Analysis of Central Eastern European Texts3
or CEES 225 Introduction to Central and Eastern European Cultures
9 semester hours of course work in Polish at the 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-levels, excluding POL 101, POL 102, and POL 103. A minimum of 6 semester hours must be taken at the 200 level or above. a9
Total Hours12

Note: CEES topics courses that focus on Polish may be used to satisfy the 9-semester-hour requirement for the Polish Studies minor with approval from the departmental advisor. No more than 3 hours in courses cross-listed with the Department of History may be applied to the minor.

Note: Students with a Minor in Polish Studies, with a GPA of 3.00 or higher, are eligible to apply for the Dr. Bolesław and Krystyna Mazur Scholarships in Undergraduate Polish Studies.