Department of History

Contact Information: 
Campus Location: 913 University Hall (UH) 
(312) 996–3141

Chair, Chris Boyer,
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Laura E. Hostetler, 
Director of Teaching of History Program, Robert Johnston,
Undergraduate Advisor for Teaching of History Majors, Julie Peters,

History is the study of the human past. It is both a subject matter and a way of thinking—a discipline. No people, time, or place is neglected in the investigation of the human community’s historical record. And no method is alien to the historian’s quest for understanding. The historian’s interests embrace the permanent and changing concerns of our civilization: the individual and society; the emergence of nations; the rise and fall of empires; race and ethnicity; class, gender, and status; war and revolution; science and technology; slavery and emancipation; dictatorship and democracy; rural life and urbanization; the interaction of human communities and the environment; the struggle for empowerment waged by minorities, women, and workers; the life of the mind; religion; and culture. Because every succeeding generation has new questions to ask of the past, history is constantly being rewritten. The discipline of history rests on the discovery, evaluation, and ordering of evidence. It sharpens critical-thinking, reading, and writing skills and gives students practice in the use of these basic tools of modern life. The study of history is excellent preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields, including business, journalism, government, information science, museum administration, and the law.


Departmental Distinction

In addition to completing the degree requirements for the Major in History, a candidate for Departmental Distinction must earn a 3.00/4.00 UIC (cumulative) GPA and a 3.50/4.00 GPA in all courses taken in the Department of History at UIC.

High Departmental Distinction

Students who complete all requirements for Departmental Distinction with a 3.75 GPA in all courses taken in the Department of History at UIC will be awarded High Departmental Distinction.

Highest Departmental Distinction

Students who complete all requirements for High Departmental Distinction and complete HIST 398 with a grade of A will be awarded Highest Departmental Distinction.