Contact Information: 
Campus Location: 4297 Science and Engineering Laboratory (SEL) 
(312) 996-2207; (312) 413-1060

Co-directors of Undergraduate Studies: David Wirtshafter and Liang-wei Gong
Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience Advising Office, 3272 SES, (312) 996-2211

The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience is awarded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to students who successfully complete the curriculum. It is a joint program sponsored by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology with the support of Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience (LIN) faculty from the Departments of Chemistry and Philosophy. Students are advised by the Department of Biological Sciences.

The curriculum is ideal for students interested in graduate school, medicine, or behavioral sciences.

Admission Requirements

A student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00/4.00 and have completed either BIOS 286 or PSCH 262 .


Distinction in Neuroscience

Awarded at the time of graduation to those students who demonstrate exceptional performance. Distinction in Neuroscience is awarded to students with a minimum of 3.70 cumulative grade point average in the curriculum and to students who achieve a minimum 3.40 grade point average and also successfully complete an independent research project in BIOS 399, CHEM 499, PHIL 399, or PSCH 399.

Highest Distinction in Neuroscience

Awarded to students who have a minimum 3.70 grade point average in the neuroscience curriculum and also successfully complete a BIOS 399, CHEM 499, PHIL 399, or PSCH 399 (research)  level course in their area of concentration.