Latin American and Latino Studies Program

Contact Information: 
Campus Location: 1525 University Hall (UH) 
(312) 996-2445

Interim Director, Maria de los Angeles Torres,
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cristian Roa,

The program in Latin American Studies and Latino Studies seeks to provide students with an understanding of the history, cultures, and contemporary issues of Latin Americans and Latinos in the U.S. using interdisciplinary approaches. Courses for the major and minor cover Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America as well as urbanization and social and political processes among Latino groups in Chicago and throughout the United States. Comparative and diverse developmental perspectives illuminate linkages among the countries and peoples of the Americas. A major or minor in Latin American and Latino Studies can serve as a useful basis for careers in public service, business, professional, or academic life related to Latin America or U.S. Latinos.

Requirements are designed so that students acquire exposure to both Latin American and Latino studies, with a general background from introductory-level courses and a more specialized study at the advanced level.  Students can tailor the remaining requirements toward a more general curriculum by taking an equal number of courses in Latin American Studies and in Latino Studies or pursue an area of specialization by taking more of their remaining courses in one of the two areas. Students may also choose to take courses in a particular disciplinary area of the humanities (history and cultural studies) or the social sciences (anthropology, political science, sociology) or a combination of these areas. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course on Mexico.


To be considered for distinction, students must obtain a 3.00/4.00 overall GPA, plus the following:

  • 3.50/4.00 GPA in the major for Distinction;
  • 3.75/4.00 GPA in the major for High Distinction;
  • 3.75/4.00 GPA in the major, LALS 403, and a 15-20 page senior project for Highest Distinction.