School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics

Contact Information: 
Campus Location: 1722 University Hall (UH) 
(312) 996-5218

Director, José Camacho
Associate Director, Elizabeth Loentz

The School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics serves as the administrative umbrella over the following departments and programs: Classics and Mediterranean Studies (Arabic, Archaeological Studies, Classics, Modern Greek, Latin); French and Francophone Studies; Germanic Studies; Hispanic and Italian Studies (Hispanic Linguistics, Hispanic Literary Studies, Spanish, Italian and Italian American Studies, Portuguese); Linguistics (Chinese, Japanese, Linguistics, Korean); Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian Studies (Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Central and Eastern European Studies); International Studies; Religious Studies (Catholic Studies, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies); the Language and Culture Learning Center (LCLC); and Moving Image Arts.

The units within the school conduct original research and instruction on literary, cultural, and linguistics theories and practices in many languages and traditions. Faculty members within the school also have research and teaching interests in the moving image arts and religious and international studies. Its departments and programs are the primary source of instruction in foreign and classical languages at the basic and advanced levels and offer numerous majors and minors, which expose students to linguistic and cultural knowledge that responds to our rapidly globalizing world.

For information on individual units and their degree programs, please visit their home pages.