Department of Germanic Studies

Contact Information: 
Campus Location: 1722 University Hall (UH) 
(312) 996-5218

Head, Susanne Rott,
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Patrick Fortmann,

The Department of Germanic Studies offers language and culture courses at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Courses at all levels emphasize the development of language fluency and cultural competency, as well as critical-thinking and effective writing skills. Course offerings cover a wide array of topics including film, Business German, and contemporary media.

Courses in Yiddish language, literature, and culture are also offered.

The department offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts with Majors in Germanic Studies and Germanic Studies with a Business Minor, as well as the BA in the Teaching of German. A minor is offered in the Germanic Studies as well.

Students who major or minor in Germanic Studies may use their training in a variety of occupations, including teaching, translation, international marketing, banking and commerce, diplomatic service, and journalism.


Students who complete the major with a GPA of 3.60/4.00 in courses applied to the major are recommended for Departmental Distinction. Students who qualify for Distinction and complete GER 398 may quality for High or Highest Distinction.

Foreign Language Requirement

The courses required for completing the foreign language requirement are:

GER 101
GER 102
GER 103
GER 104
Elementary German I
and Elementary German II
and Intermediate German I
and Intermediate German II
GER 106
GER 107
Intensive Elementary German
and Intensive Intermediate German

Overseas Program

A portion of the credits toward the majors offered by the Department of Germanic Studies may be earned through a Study Abroad Program. The department offers a program in Berlin, Germany, and one in Vienna, Austria. GER 103 level language proficiency or higher is required for the UIC program in Berlin. GER 104 level language proficiency or higher is required for the Austria Illinois program in Vienna. Students should apply through the Study Abroad office. More information about study abroad in Berlin and Vienna is on the Department of Germanic Studies website.