Certificate in German Language

The Certificate in German Language provides students interested in developing higher‐level proficiency in the language with the opportunity to certify their acquisition of those skills. Students with basic listening, oral, and writing skills, as taught in the beginning‐level courses, can satisfy the requirements of the certificate by taking two classes at the intermediate level to further develop these fundamental language skills, followed by three classes at a more advanced level, which allow students to polish language skills and raise proficiency to a level suitable for purposeful and effective communication in everyday German‐speaking environments as well as German professional settings.

Students from other disciplines who want to pursue the Certificate in German Language must complete a minimum of 17 semester hours, as outlined below:

Required Courses
GER 103Intermediate German I4
GER 104Intermediate German II4
Select two of the following:6
Exploring German-Speaking Cultures
Rural, Urban, Global: Germanic Geographies
Conversational German through Popular Culture and Media
Select one of the following:3
Becoming Transcultural: Study Abroad
Contemporary German Language, Culture and Society
German Literature in a Global Context
Business Culture in German-Speaking Countries
Research in German Studies
Business Practices in German-Speaking Countries
Total Hours17

Students with AP/IB credit who placed out of GER 104 and/or GER 214 must take additional hours to complete the 17 required for the certificate. Students pursuing the major or minor in Germanic Studies may not also pursue the Certificate in German Language.