Minor in Russian Studies

Students from other disciplines who want to minor in Russian Studies must complete 12 semester hours, including:

Required Courses
CEES 224Introduction to Literary Analysis of Central Eastern European Texts3
or CEES 225 Introduction to Central and Eastern European Cultures
9 hours of course work in Russian at the 100, 200, 300, or 400 levels, excluding RUSS 101, RUSS 102, and RUSS 103. A minimum of 6 semester hours must be at the 200 level or above. a9
Total Hours12

RUSS 104 is recommended. Native and heritage speakers who place out of RUSS 104 should register for RUSS 201, RUSS 202, or RUSS 203, and may be eligible for up to 8 hours of retroactive credit. Students should consult an LAS advisor for eligibility for retroactive credit once they complete RUSS 201, RUSS 202, or RUSS 203.

Note: CEES topics courses that focus on Russian Studies may be used to satisfy the nine-semester-hour requirement for the Russian Studies minor with approval from the departmental advisor. No more than 3 hours in courses cross-listed with the Department of History may be applied to the minor.