Minor in Nonprofit Management

Requirements for the Minor

The Minor in Nonprofit Management is open to all undergraduate students. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.50/4.00 at the time of the application. Students must also consult their home colleges about the acceptability and applicability of College of Urban Planning and Affairs course credit toward their degrees.

Students who want to minor in nonprofit management must complete 15 semester hours, with at least 9 hours at he 200-level or above, and at least three courses taken at UIC. 

A minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00 for the 15 hours of course work is required to complete the minor. For the minor, students must complete 15 semester hours as outlined below.

Required Courses
PPOL 230Nonprofit Organizations and Civil Society3
PPOL 330Introduction to Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations3
PPOL 430Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations3
Elective Courses a
Select two of the following courses: 6
Social Welfare State: Policies and Process
International Development Policy
Environmental Policy
Special Topics in Public Policy
Urban Policy and Metropolitan Governance
Civic Engagement
Social Justice and the City
Introduction to Social Justice: Stories and Struggles
Theories and Practices of Social Justice
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
Total Hours15