Minor in Urban Studies

Requirements for the Minor

A GPA of 2.50/4.00 is required for courses taken towards the minor.

Required Courses
US 101Introduction to Urban Studies3
or US 202 Planning Great Cities
UPP 403Planning Practices for Great Cities3
Elective Courses
At least one of the following US or UPP courses: a3-6
Introduction to Urban Studies
Planning Great Cities
Cinema and the City
Mapping the Urban: Cartography and its Alternatives
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems I
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems II
Researching the City
Introduction to Geospatial Analysis and Visualization
Geographic Information Systems for Planning
Intermediate GIS for Planning
Complexity-based Models for Planning and Policy
Advanced Visualization Techniques
Topics in Geospatial Analysis and Visualization
Topics in Urban Planning and Policy
No more than one course from the following list of courses offered by other departments:0-4
History of Urbanism
Introduction to Urban Education
Child and Youth Policies in Urban America
Chicago: An Urban Geography
A Global Geography of Cities
Modern America: From Industrialization to Globalization
Introduction to Latino Urban Studies
Latin American Cities in a Global Context: Environment, Employment, and Housing
Nonprofit Organizations in U.S. Society
Race and Urban Life
Urban Sociology
Total Hours12