Minor in Biomedical Engineering

For the minor, 12 semester hours are required, excluding prerequisite courses. Students outside the Department of Biomedical Engineering who wish to minor in Biomedical Engineering must complete the following:

Prerequisite Courses
BIOS 110Biology of Cells and Organisms (or higher)4
MATH 180Calculus I4
MATH 181Calculus II4
MATH 210Calculus III3
MATH 220Introduction to Differential Equations3
PHYS 141General Physics I (Mechanics)4
PHYS 142General Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)4
Total Hours26
Required Courses
BME 101Introduction to Biomedical Engineering3
BME 240Modeling Physiological Data and Systems3
Select one of the following (prerequisites vary):3
Bioinstrumentation and Measurements I
Biostatistics I
Biomedical Imaging
Introduction to Cell and Tissue Engineering
Materials in Biomedical Engineering
Neural Engineering I: Introduction to Hybrid Neural Systems
Intro to Bioinformatics
Three additional hours of BME courses, which may be chosen from the list above (additional prerequisites may apply)3
Total Hours12