MS in Finance/MBA

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission criteria of both programs and are admitted separately to each through separate applications. Depending on their background, students may be required to take additional technical, business, or other background courses as part of the MS in Finance or MBA degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

Students can complete the Joint MS in Finance/MBA with a minimum of 70 semester hours. In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, students must meet the following program requirements:

MS in Finance—Required Courses and Capstone (12 hours)
Corporate Finance
Quantitative Methods in Finance
MS in Finance—Electives (20 hours)
Elective courses will be selected in consultation with an advisor based upon student’s educational and professional goals. Courses can be chosen from the following list of approved electives; other courses may be chosen with approval of the MSF Director of Graduate Studies. At most, 8 hours can be in disciplines other than Finance.
Portfolio Analysis
Fixed Income Securities
Theory and Structure of Options and Futures Markets
FIN 521
Alternative Investments: Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds
Financial Modeling
Financial Communication
Energy Finance
Money and Banking
Capital Markets
FIN 540
International Finance
Financing Entrepreneurship
Applied Equity Investment Management
Personal Finance
Financial Decision Making I
Advanced Investment Management
Empirical Issues in Finance
Risk Management
Securities Markets and High-Frequency Trading
Special Topics in Finance
Independent Study in Finance
Financial Accounting I
Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Valuation and Accounting Information
Accounting Research: Methodology and Communication
Analytics for Big Data
Social Media and Network Analysis
Advanced Text Analytics for Business
Business Data Visualization
Data Mining for Business
Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Business Analytics
Deep Learning and Modern Applications
Time Series Econometrics
Business Research and Forecasting II
Microeconomic Theory I
Macroeconomic Theory I
MBA—Required Courses and Capstone (26 hours)
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Microeconomics for Business Decisions
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Operations Management
Enterprise Strategy
Organizational Behavior
Introduction to Marketing
MBA—Electives (12 hours)
At least 12 semester hours of 500-level courses from a discipline other than Finance dedicated to completing the requirements for a concentration in one of the following areas:
Business Analytics
International Business
Management Information Systems
Real Estate
Supply Chain Management