Black Studies (Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration)

The Department of Black Studies offers work leading to the graduate Interdepartmental Concentration in Black Studies. Students in the following graduate programs may be eligible to complete the Interdepartmental Concentration in Black Studies:

Graduate Program Level
Anthropology MA, PhD
Communication MA, PhD
Criminology, Law, and Justice MA, PhD
Disability and Human Development MS
Disability Studies PhD
English MA, PhD
French and Francophone Studies MA
Germanic Studies MA, PhD
History MA, PhD
Latino and Latin American Studies MA
Museum and Exhibition Studies MA
Philosophy MA, PhD
Political Science MA, PhD
Psychology MA, PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Urban Planning and Policy MUPP, PhD

Concentration Requirements

Students earning graduate degrees in the participating programs may complement their courses by enrolling in a concentration in Black Studies after consulting with the graduate advisor in their home department. Students pursuing this concentration must apply to the director of graduate studies in the Department of Black Studies (BLST) and will need to obtain approval from an BLST graduate faculty member who will serve as the student’s concentration advisor.

Students should enroll in a total of 17 hours of graduate course work for the concentration.

Course Title
Required Courses
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Black Studies
Graduate Colloquium in Black Studies
12 additional hours of BLST courses at the 400 level or above, or approved cross-listed courses at the graduate level or the equivalent. No more than 8 hours can be taken in the student's home department (these may include thesis hours if approved by BLST in advance).