Gender and Women's Studies (Interdepartmental Concentration)

The Gender and Women’s Studies Program offers study opportunities leading to a graduate Interdepartmental Concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies. Students in the following graduate programs may be eligible to complete the Interdepartmental Concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies:

Graduate Program Level
Anthropology MA, PhD
Art History MA, PhD
Communication MA, PhD
Criminology, Law, and Justice MA, PhD
Curriculum and Instruction PhD
Disability and Human Development MS
Disability Studies PhD
Early Childhood Education MEd
Economics MA, PhD
Educational Psychology PhD
English MA, PhD
French and Francophone Studies MA
Germanic Studies MA, PhD
Health Professions Education MHPE
Hispanic Studies MA, PhD
History MA, PhD
Instructional Leadership MEd
Language, Literacy, and Learning MEd
Linguistics MA
Nursing PhD
Philosophy MA, PhD
Policy Studies in Urban Education PhD
Polish, Russian, and Central and Eastern European Studies MA, PhD
Political Science MA, PhD
Psychology MA, PhD
Public Administration MPA
Public Health—Community Health Sciences Concentration MS, PhD
Science Education MEd
Social Work MSW, PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Special Education MEd, PhD
Urban Education Leadership EdD
Urban Planning and Policy MUPP, PhD

Concentration Requirements

Students earning graduate degrees in the participating programs may complement their courses by enrolling in a concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies after consulting with their graduate advisor. Students pursuing this concentration must apply to the director of graduate studies in the Gender and Women’s Studies Program as well as obtain approval from a graduate faculty member, from within the department of the degree, and preferably one who is affiliated with Gender and Women's Studies. Either this person or another faculty member in the Gender and Women's Studies Program becomes the student’s Interdisciplinary Concentration advisor.

Students should enroll in a total of 16 hours of graduate course work for the concentration: GWS 501 and GWS 502, plus 8 additional hours of Gender and Women’s Studies or cross-listed courses at the graduate level or the equivalent. Up to 4 of these hours can be directed study or thesis research on an appropriate topic approved by the student’s advisor.

Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Women’s Health

Students with an interest in Gender and Women’s Studies who are pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Nursing or School of Public Health may complement their courses by enrolling in a concentration in Women’s Health after consulting with their advisor. See Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Women’s Health in the College of Nursing section for more information.