Cardiovascular Science (Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration)

Concentration Requirements

All students intending to complete the Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Cardiovascular Science are required to officially declare this intention before completion of their first year. Students are to declare their intent to enroll in this concentration in writing to the CCVR administrative unit and the student’s home department. Each student selecting the concentration must

  1. complete three 10-week laboratory rotations, per departmental requirements, in CCVR-sponsored laboratories unless petitioned and waived by the CCVR and home department, and
  2. select an advisor and laboratory who is affiliated with the Center for Cardiovascular Research. This advisor will oversee the completion of the concentration requirements.

The interdepartmental graduate concentration requires a minimum of 9 semester hours of approved electives which are not core curriculum requirements for their respective departments. These electives can be selected from the following courses:

Physiology and Biochemistry of Muscle Contraction
Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
Experimental and Diagnostic Methods in Cardiovascular Science
Seminar in Cardiovascular Science