Medicine (Professional Program: MD)

The University of Illinois MD program is conducted at four geographic campuses across Illinois: Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana. The college offers a generalist curriculum with the goal to graduate physicians who are well grounded in basic and clinical sciences, oriented and competent as beginning general physicians, capable of entering graduate training in either generalist specialties or subspecialties, and able to function in an ever changing health care environment. The college offers several special programs that allow students to combine medicine with doctoral degrees and master’s degrees, or to pursue special interests (e.g., rural medicine, global medicine, urban medicine, innovation medicine, patient-centered medicine).

The Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford campuses educational programs span all four years of the medical school curriculum. The program in Urbana is currently limited to those students in the Medical Scholars Program (MD/PhD) and others completing the latter years of the MD program. All campuses also offer residency programs.

Students enjoy a superb scientific education and extensive clinical training. The college’s distinguished faculty and its groundbreaking research have earned it a reputation as one of the top schools for both undergraduate and graduate medical education.

The college selects applicants with the best combination of academic and extracurricular achievement, maturity, integrity, and motivation. Selection of students is based on an individualized evaluation of all available data and a personal interview. We consider the quality of work in all subject areas, breadth of education, and experiences that demonstrate initiative and creativity.

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