Minor in Nutrition

The Minor in Nutrition is open to majors from other units and colleges, including those in the BS in Kinesiology program, but not those students enrolled in the BS in Nutrition program. Students will be allowed to complete the minor area of study within Nutrition if they meet the transfer-eligibility criteria at the time of application (minimum GPA of 2.50/4.00). Students must submit a request form to the department (AHSB, Room 650). Students must also consult their home colleges about the acceptability and applicability of Nutrition course credit toward their degree. Registration for most HN courses is restricted to students in the department; therefore, students must register through a departmental academic advisor. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50/4.00 is required for the minor field.

Students must take the following courses for a minimum of 18 semester hours.

Requirements for the Minor

Required Courses
HN 110Foods3
HN 196Nutrition3
HN 200Nutritional Assessment a3
HN 296Nutrition and Physical Activity a3
HN 307Human Nutrition and Metabolism a3
HN 311Nutrition During the Life Cycle a3
Students enrolled in the BS in Kinesiology, which already requires HN 196, select one of the following to replace the hours for HN 196:
Science of Foods a
Culture and Food
and Culture and Food Lab b
Total Hours18

Enrollment Residence Requirement in the Minor

A student must complete at least one-half of the course work required for the minor field in enrollment residence at the University of Illinois at Chicago.