Bachelor of Business Administration (Online)


Students must have completed at least 60 hours of postsecondary coursework, in the following two categories:

Core Requirements (16 hours)
English Composition I3
English Composition II3
Principles of Macroeconomics3
Principles of Microeconomics3
Linear Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Calculus, or Business Calculus4
General Education and Elective Requirements (44 hours)
Analyzing the Natural World a3-5
Exploring World Cultures a3
Understanding the Creative Arts a3
Understanding the Individual and Society a3
Understanding the Past a3
Understanding U.S. Society a3
Electives b24-26
Total Hours60

There are numerous courses that can be applied to these categories and satisfy the university requirement of 24 hours of general education coursework with at least one course in each of these categories. Students can find a list of these courses and other information about UIC General Education requirements in the General Education section of the catalog.


Other mathematics, calculus, statistics or quantitative analysis courses are highly recommended prerequisites that can be taken in order to satisfy the 24 hours of Electives requirements. However, many courses that satisfy the above general education requirements as well as those required for an associate's degree in business can also satisfy the Electives requirements.

Please Note: An earned Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree from an Illinois community college fulfills the General Education requirements, per the Illinois Articulation Initiative. Students who have not earned such a degree must complete 60 transferable hours including the Core and General Education requirements above. 

Students can select from a number of different courses to satisfy the broad General Education categories listed above. Following is a brief description of each category:

  • Analyzing the Natural World: Courses in this category should introduce students to scientific and mathematical concepts and methods. 
  • Exploring World Cultures: Courses in this category should address significant aspects of any culture that is not part of the mainstream American culture. 
  • Understanding the Creative Arts: Courses in this category should focus, in close detail, on a number of significant works in literature, art, or other media. 
  • Understanding the Individual and Society: Courses in this category should introduce students either to the complexities of the individual or the relationship of the individual to social structures. 
  • Understanding the Past: Courses in this category should have as their focus significant past events. 
  • Understanding U.S. Society: Courses in this category should address some significant aspect of U.S. Society as their central focus.

BBA Curriculum for Online Program

The curriculum of the 60-semester-hour program is listed below. The BBA is a cohort program with a prescribed sequence of courses. Students should work with academic advisors to rearrange the sequence if circumstances do not allow them to participate during a given term or terms. Courses are eight weeks in length with the exception of the BA 300 and the capstone course BA 495, which are16 weeks.

The curriculum of the 60-semester-hour program is as follows.

BBA Curriculum Courses
ACTG 210Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ACTG 211Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
BA 200Business Communication3
BA 300Advanced Managerial Communications3
BA 495Business Strategy3
FIN 300Introduction to Finance3
IDS 200Intro to Management Information Systems4
IDS 270Business Statistics I4
IDS 355Operations Management3
MGMT 340Introduction to Organizations3
MGMT 350Business and Its External Environment3
MKTG 360Introduction to Marketing3
ECON 220Microeconomics: Theory and Applications3
or BA 330 Analysis of Firms, Markets, and Industries for Business Decision Making
Select 19 hours of selective coursework in consultation with BBA advisors. College maintains list of appropriate courses.19
Total Hours60