Joint BS in Chemical Engineering/MS in Chemical Engineering

The Joint Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS-CHE) and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MS-CHE) is designed for undergraduates with outstanding academic performance who desire to pursue graduate studies in Chemical Engineering, or who wish to prepare themselves for advanced placement in the workplace.

Students will earn both a BS-CHE and an MS-CHE degree upon completion, with 8 hours of course work shared between the two degrees. The requirements for completion of the combined BS-CHE/ MS-CHE degree are identical to the completion of these two separate degrees; however, there are 8 hours of shared course work used for both degrees. Completion of 120 hours at the undergraduate level; plus 8 shared hours counting toward both the BS-CHE and MS-CHE degrees; plus 28 hours of course work at the graduate level will result in joint BS-CHE/MS-CHE degrees. Students in the BS-CHE who have finished CHE 301, CHE 311, CHE 312, CHE 313, and CHE 321may register for two graduate-level courses (at the 400-level or the 500-level) and receive 4 hours, instead of 3 hours, for each. The graduate-level courses taken in the senior year will be used at the undergraduate level to fulfill technical elective and electives outside the major rubric requirements. At the graduate level, these courses will count as required and elective courses. An advisor must approve these courses.

Students can apply to the program anytime before the end of the second week of the fall term of their senior year in the BS program. A GPA of 2.50/4.00 or higher in the prior semester is required for the application.