Minor in Public Health

The Minor in Public Health is open to all undergraduate students from other colleges with the exception of those majoring in public health. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.50/4.00 at the time of the application. Students must submit a request form online to join the minor. Students must also consult their home colleges about acceptability and applicability of public health course credit toward their degrees.

Registration for public health courses is often restricted to students in the School of Public Health; therefore, students seeking a minor will need to consult with the public health undergraduate academic advisor to register for courses needed. A minimum of GPA of 2.00/4.00 for the 15 hours of course work is required to complete the minor.

For the minor, students must complete 15 semester hours as outlined below.

Required Courses
PUBH 100Health and the Public3
PUBH 110Public Health and Global Societies3
PUBH 120Public Health and the Study of Disease and Epidemics3
A minimum of 6 semester hours of upper-division course work in the School of Public Health selected from a list of courses across disciplines and programs in the School of Public Health. Students can access this list from the undergraduate public health advisor who will assist them in planning a program of study that meets their interests and satisfies the requirements of the minor. 6
Total Hours15