BA in Public Health

Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health degree from UIC, students need to complete the university and school degree requirements. University and school degree requirements for all School of Public Health students are outlined below. Students should consult the General Education section of the catalog for more information on completing the General Education requirements.

Summary of Requirements
Pre-Public Health (includes 11 semester hours of PUBH prerequisites)60
Major Course Requirements in Public Health35
Electives: Preapproved by advisor as relevant to plan of study3
Free Electives7
Total Hours120

Pre-Public Health

Required Courses
ENGL 160Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts3
ENGL 161Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research3
Foreign language (16 hours in a single language or equivalent) a16
Quantitative Reasoning course b3-5
PUBH 100Health and the Public c, d 3
PUBH 105Foundations for Public Health e2
PUBH 110Public Health and Global Societies c, f3
PUBH 120Public Health and the Study of Disease and Epidemics g3
Analyzing the Natural World: two courses required, including PUBH 120 (see above) and a Life Science course with a lab as indicated below.
Life Science course4
Select one of the following:
Human Evolution
Biology for Non-majors
Biology of Cells and Organisms
Biology of Populations and Communities
Exploring World Cultures course h, j3
Understanding U.S. Society course i, j3
Understanding the Individual and Society course h, i, j3
Understanding the Past course j3
Understanding the Creative Arts course j3
Additional General Education course(s) from any category, as necessary to total 24 hours of General Education credit. j1-3
Free electives to total 60 hours0-10
Total Hours60

Major Course Requirements in Public Health

Required Major Courses
PUBH 300Critical Thinking in Public Health4
PUBH 301Critical Thinking in Public Health II2
PUBH 310Public Health and Global Citizenship3
PUBH 320Ecologies of Health and Modern Life3
PUBH 330Health Equity and Health Disparities3
PUBH 340Health Literacy3
PUBH 350Health Systems, Health Policy3
PUBH 360Local Citizenship and Community Health Initiatives4
PUBH 370Using the Public Health Toolbox3
PUBH 410Historical and Contemporary Public Health Challenges I2
PUBH 411Historical and Contemporary Public Health Challenges II2
PUBH 397Baccalaureate Project in Public Health3
PUBH 395Professional Topics Seminar0
Total Hours35

Selectives and Electives

Selectives from list of courses representing an array of disciplines (Black Studies, Anthropology, Communication, Education, Gender and Women’s Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Studies and 400-level public health courses, with the exception of MPH core, with permission of instructor). Students are highly encouraged to consider PUBH 393 for one of their selective options.15
Electives: preapproved by advisor as relevant to the student's plan of study.3
Free Electives7
Total Hours25

Sample Course Schedule

Note that students in specific preprofessional tracks (e.g., pre-medicine) will likely need additional semester hours in order to obtain all admission requirements for professional programs.

Plan of Study Grid
Junior Year
Fall SemesterHours
PUBH 300 Critical Thinking in Public Health 4
PUBH 330 Health Equity and Health Disparities 3
PUBH 350 Health Systems, Health Policy 3
PUBH 395 Professional Topics Seminar 0
Elective(s) 4
Spring Semester
PUBH 301 Critical Thinking in Public Health II 2
PUBH 320 Ecologies of Health and Modern Life 3
PUBH 340 Health Literacy 3
PUBH 360 Local Citizenship and Community Health Initiatives 4
PUBH 395 Professional Topics Seminar 0
One elective/selective course 3
Summer Semester
PUBH 393 Public Health Fieldwork (may be taken as a selective option any time from this point forward) 3
Senior Year
Fall Semester
PUBH 370 Using the Public Health Toolbox 3
PUBH 410 Historical and Contemporary Public Health Challenges I 2
Three elective/selective courses 9
Spring Semester
PUBH 310 Public Health and Global Citizenship 3
PUBH 397 Baccalaureate Project in Public Health 3
PUBH 411 Historical and Contemporary Public Health Challenges II 2
Two elective/selective courses 6
 Total Hours60